Antonio Lobato Diseñador


My passion for fashion can be rooted back when I was a child. I started designing and handmaking dolls with the leftover fabric from my aunts’ workshop. From that moment on, I started to show a big interest in the fashion world and pattern designing. I quickly turned into a self-taught person. It was back then when I decided to start up my own atelier. A place where I could develop my designing career a place where I would be able to find the peace that would enhance my creativity. After that, I decided to start studying pattern designing, something which has contributed to what I am right now. In 1999, after many years of dedication and eagerness, my own brand Antonio Lobato is born. Apart from that, I have also been working for other companies related to the designing world. And now, Antonio Lobato Kids is out. This new branch within Antonio Lobato pays tribute to the joy and colour from my beginnings in this amazing world. All of this has been achieved thanks to my desire of self-improvement and my eagerness for keeping my childhood dreams. Antonio Lobato Kids is the product from the union of a more than 25 years career in fashion designing and Antonio Lobatos’s passion for his job. This new Branch devoted to kid’s fashion displays pieces with a strong character, where everything is important: fashion and pattern design, manufacturing and details… and the most important thing; handmade, of course. Because of this, our designs are limited and, in many cases, made to order.
Antonio Lobato Diseñador Moda